Simplify form creation and management directly within Telegram, enhancing functionality without compromising your data's privacy.

How It Works

Automate the organization and analysis of your form responses with Google Sheets, enhancing productivity and data analysis capabilities without leaving Telegram.

We prioritize your privacy and security, ensuring data is managed responsibly with clear, transparent policies on data use and storage.

Why Choose @InstantFormsBot?

Automated Data Management

  • Seamlessly syncs with Google Sheets
  • Real-time data capture and organization
  • Efficiently manage large volumes of responses

Enhanced Security Features

  • Encrypted responses for data protection
  • Secure Google Sheets integration
  • Privacy-focused to safeguard user information

User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive form creation and management
  • Easy for both creators and respondents
  • Streamlined process with minimal learning curve

Privacy and Trust

Learn more about how we access, use, store, and protect your data in our Privacy Policy.

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